Sentinella 102
Sentinella 102
Sentinella 102

Sentinella 102

Personalized Oncological Surgery, The Next Revolution, NOW

Molecular vision for surgery

More than 30 years after the original innovative papers by Dr. R. Cabañas in Urology, and more than 15 from the revolutionary publication of Dr. D. Morton on melanoma, Sentinel Node Navigation has been performed successfully in millions of patients, becoming "best practice" in superficial drainage tumors.

Its proven clinical results and hundreds of clinical papers from the most advanced oncological centres support its efficacy and effectiveness.

Its absolute safety for patients and healthcare professionals, has been demonstrated by clinical studies with high level of evidence, and assessed by radiophysicists and radioprotection specialists.

Still limited procedure adoption due to clinical limitations of dyes and gamma probes

Limited visibility of dyes, gamma probe need of directional, close contact with tissues and organs, limited depth of detection, subjective assessment of sound intensity, lack of integration in Hospital documentation systems, learning curve, lack of assurance about absence of deeper, low captation or next to tumor nodes.

The hour of personalized cancer surgery in every patient and every tumor

Sentinella´s integrated gamma camera + gamma probes + pointers + dedicated software are making possible real time molecular vision in the OR -and NM suite- of the personal lymphatic drainage of each patient, before and during surgery, supporting, tracking and documenting progress of the procedure, both open and laparoscopic, and confirming its completeness ("Clean Field") with clinical and legal validity.

This is critical in every tumor, but even more decisive in deep draining and complex tumors, and in small, low captation, next to tumor lymph nodes.

Strong Evidence, Improved Survival and Quality of Life

"Gold standard" Indications / Superficial Draining Tumors

Proven outcomes with highly reliable evidence in sentinel node mapping in breast cancer, ROLL, SNOLL, melanoma and head and neck (thyroid-parathyroid pathologies, squamous tumors), gynaecological (vulva) and urological (penis, testicle) tumors.

Emerging major clinical options / Deep Draining Tumors

Colon and rectal, upper GI, urological (prostate, kidney, bladder), gynaecological (cervix, endometrium...),lung cancer, neuroendocrine tumors...

Laparoscopic, diagnostic and interventional approaches.

Beyond sentinel node biopsy

Gammacameras are being used in endocrinology, osteoarticular, nephrologycal pathologies, therapy efficacy follow-up, donor and organ assessment in transplants, perfusion in limb tumors…

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