The new standard in PEM

MAMMI is a dedicated PET capable of imaging even small breast cancers. Volumetric breast images are provided, including regions near the thoracic wall and lesions located in the superior external quadrant.

Unprecedented resolution
  • Decisive in very early diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Proven performance in assessment of therapy results
  • Improved detection of small tumours with unprecedented accuracy, specially in younger women and dense breasts
  • Prone position for improved sensitivity and detection of difficult, deep lesions
  • Very comfortable exploration bed adaptable to any practice with variable height for easier patient positioning
  • Demonstrated performance vs. whole body PET
  • Portable to the scanning and operating room
Natural, prone position
  • Real breast anatomical location
  • Optimum patient comfort
  • High detector spatial resolution, below 1.5 mm
  • Accurate 3D images and SUV quantification
  • No breast compression needed
  • Large field of view: 170 (Ø) x 170 (L) mm
  • Fast acquisition times varying from 5-15 minutes
  • Independent acquisition and reconstruction workstations