Exclusive benefits

5 critical innovations for a safer, personalized cancer surgery

  1. EXCLUSIVE Preoperative, Intraoperative and Postoperative portable integrated cancer detection unit
    Gamma camera + gamma probes + pointers + dedicated software
  2. EXCLUSIVE Real-time vision, making a major clinical difference in "difficult" cases in breast cancer, melanoma and head & neck tumors
    Consistently finds -and generates image and objective quantification- of nodes that gamma probes do not find, due to depth, low activity or closeness to tumor
    Breakthrough in ROLL and SNOLL with faster and safer procedures
    Proven corellation with lymphoscintigraphic NM preoperative explorations
  3. EXCLUSIVE Growing published experience in radioguided surgery for deep draining tumors
    Clinical studies underway in Urological (prostate, testicle, penis, kidney, bladder...), Colorectal, Gastric, Gynaecological (cervix, endometrium, vulva....), neuroendocrine...
    Dedicated software tools for unprecedented location of hidden deep nodes
    Optimum complement to SPECT CT and other state of the art imaging techniques
  4. EXCLUSIVE Guarantees and documents complete resection of identified tumors and lymph nodes
    "Clean field" after completion of surgery, comparative images and ex-vivo quantification of node (or tumor) activity are generating objective, legal documentation
    Automatic image re-scale after resection of tumor and high activity nodes monitors and can detect additional hidden, low activity primary nodes
    Patient data and image integration in Hospital information systems (generates DICOM files, it is PACS compatible, wireless, 2 USB ports and LAN access for easy data transfer...)
  5. EXCLUSIVE Opens the new clinical option of personalized, limited lymphadenectomy

A high performance portable gammacamera (in resolution, speed, reliability and ease of use) for advanced Nuclear Medicine indications