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Designed with women in mind

The seven clinical advantages of MAMMI

  1. Unprecedented high spatial resolution: 1.4 mm
    For detection of early tumors and unprecedented accuracy
    Demonstrated performance at least equal to whole body PET
  2. Natural, no compression prone position for improved sensitivity and detection of difficult lesions
    Near thoracic wall. Multicentric…
  3. Whole breast TRUE 3D reconstruction with quantification of tumor activity
    Decisive for measuring QT /RT efficacy
  4. Very fast: acquisition total time varying from 5 (standard) to 15 minutes
  5. Exclusive, propietary single continuous crystal technology and software: safe and effective with VERY low tracer dosage
    Clear lesion differentiation in dense, small, breast with prosthesis
  6. Remarkably easy to use and fully reliable, even with intensive use
  7. Very comfortable exploration bed, adaptable to any practice